Jerry Cards FAQ

High Resolution Scan of $100 iTunes Gift Card Example!

Who are we?

We are Jerry Cards, The best place to get US Gift Card online, Email instant delivery.

Where is my order?

After payment is completed, you should receive the invoice email from paypal and the instruction to get your card within minutes. Please check your spam email or junk mail folder, the email maybe there. Contact me if the emails do not appear: (Please include your payment email address in your message to me) We suggest that all our customers should add and to your contact list/safe list to avoid delay of delivery.

How to Add Jerry Cards to Safe Email List


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Please call or send message to me on Whatsapp (+16625861688), Skype (ID: JerryCards) or facetime (ID:

Please provide the order email address ( ) in your message.

How can I pay you?

We accept most credit cards and PayPal payment worldwide. You do not have to have paypal account before making the payment. I also accept Western Union, Bitcoin!

My payment cannot go through, what should I do?

The payment may not go through for all kinds of reasons. Call PayPal or your credit card company may sort it out.

Can I shop in US iTunes store if I am outside US and without US credit card?

Yes, you can shop in US iTunes store even you are outside US! Just buy an US iTunes gift card and you can access movies, TV shows, songs that are only available at US iTunes store. No US credit card or US address required. Our service is perfect for people live overseas. We will deliver the gift card in EMail internationally!

Are those card legitimate?

Yes, they are. I personally bought those cards in my local retails stores (Best Buy, WalMart). You will receive a 300dpi scan of the whole physical card as a proof (with series number and code).

There are other places much cheaper. Why should I buy from you?

Because my cards are LEGITIMATE. Most if not all other cheaper codes sold in other sites are originally from stolen credit card. Apple will block your account for using those codes and you will lost everything in your account. No matter what, you have to pay $50 to get a $50 iTunes Gift Card, legitimately. There is no way to around it. If you want your account to remain safe, you should Buy from Jerry Cards.

What is your return policy?

Jerry Cards will guarrentee the legitimate of the cards sold to you. Replacement of cards will be sent to you if any problem of the cards themselves. Due to the special properties of gift cards (when the cards exposed to you, it will be hard to resell the card), all sales are final and no return will be acceptable unless in very special situations. Still, Jerry Cards will stand behind the cards we sell and full customer satisfaction is guarrentied. Email me for any concern and question you may have.

For international shoppers unfamiliar with the U.S. address system, please refer to our detailed guide on how to correctly enter a U.S. address for online shopping. Visit the guide here.

How to create a US Apple ID

Message: The best way to reach us! Prefer to text? Send us a message to +16625861688.

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